Why RevGrowth OS?

The future of growth strategy is here... and your clients will love it.

What is RevGrowth OS?

To grow your agency in 2023 and beyond, you must overcome some serious challenges:


Extreme Competition

There are more agencies, consultants, freelancers, and Do-It-Yourself options available to your prospects, making it increasingly difficult to stand out in a meaningful way.

Economic Uncertainty

Rising inflation triggered by unstable energy prices and geopolitical issues. Boston Consulting Group research shows only 14% of companies grew during the last four recessions.

Clients Demand ROI Quickly

During a slow economy, business spending is more conservative and clients are more demanding. Fail to deliver ROI within 60-90 days, and you risk being thought of as ineffective or unnecessary.

Future-proof your agency with the Growth Catalyst

With the Growth Catalyst Platform you can deliver a unique service that only you can offer, that is clearly linked to quantified value, and delivers a positive Return On Investment within 60-90 days.

What is the Growth Catalyst and what makes it unique?

The Growth Catalyst is a unique new revenue growth service agencies and advisors can provide for their cients to help them grow in a structured, predictable way.

The engine of the Revenue Growth Catalyst is the Revenue Growth Operating System. It's a proprietary, comprehensive organic growth framework designed to drive maximum financial performance from minimal client effort and change.

Organized and implemented effectively, agencies and business advisors can help their clients turn a few small 1% improvements into 20-40% annual growth in revenue, profit, and enterprise value.

How the Growth Catalyst Platform works

The Growth Catalyst software makes it easy to integrate and implement the Revenue Growth OS into your client's business.

  • Diagnose
  • Prescribe
  • Grow
  • State of the Business
  • Growth Potential

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Step one is a thorough diagnostic and benchmarking process that helps the consultant (and the client) gain a detailed understanding of the company's ability to create and sustain growth. These diagnostics reveal the current state of the business and compares their benchmark scores to top-performing companies.

Benchmark a company's performance and capaibilities to drive sustainable growth.

Put real numbers and meaningful measurements on all the elements of a client's organic growth strategy.

Benchmark the often neglected Critical Intangibles such as strategy, innovation, brand, agility, and resiliency.


Data-Driven Prescriptives

Armed with data that directly translates into financial performance in revenue, profits, and long-term enterprise data, you work with your client to conduct a thorough and advanced analysis of their opportunities for growth. This context adds a deeper understanding of the financial impact of their choices, and they gain a greater understanding of their growth potential.

Benchmark your client's growth strategy and performance against the 37 drivers of sustainable growth and over 200 unique KPIs. 

Each time you run a Growth Catalyst for a client, you will identify 20-30 opportunities for growth.

This structured and repeatable process helps your clients make smarter, faster growth decisions.

Identify exactly where their best growth opportunities are.


The higher a company scores on the Growth Catalyst Benchmark, the faster they tend to grow. High-scoring companies grow 3-7 times faster than low scoring companies.

Predictive Growth & ROI

The Grow Module helps you and your clients execute their new data-driven growth strategy. The Growth Catalyst not only accelerates your client's short-term revenue growth, but also impacts long-term growth and enterprise value in many different ways. This adds a new value dimension to your services, and a greater appreciation for you and your expertise.

This thorough and data-driven process makes it easy to measure, plan, implement, and manage your client's growth strategy.

Make conservative, achievable and believable impact projections.

Turn a few 1% improvements into 20-40% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

State of the Business

State of the Business

Your client's benchmark scores allow you to do several important things for your clients:

Measure - Identify strenghts and weaknesses, and quantify the impact of dozens of growth opportunities, specific areas of change, and improvements.

Manage - Know where to focus for best results. Use Growth Catalyst tools to make better, data-driven decisions and set realistic and achievable timesframes and milestones.

Execute - Reduce time between planning and execution, and build an agile competitive advantage.

Improve - Drive constant progress toward your goals as the Growth Catalyst makes continuous adaptation and improvement a permanent part of your growth strategy.

Growth Potential

Show clients their potential with the Growth Catalyst

The Growth Catalyst Platform makes it easy to show your clients the quantified benefit of working with you to raise their benchmark scores.

The impact of both short- and long-term financial performance in revenue and profits.

How the Growth Catalyst improves both the quantitative value (EBITDA) of their company, as well as the qualitative value (multiple) to help them maximize their valuation.

The value of creating and maintaining growth momentum through a long-term relationship with you.

Constantly calculate the high Return On Investment your services deliver, so they can never underestimate your impact.

The future of growth strategy.

Leaders must measure and manage both quantitative and qualitative data to make good decisions about growth. Unfortunately, intangibles such as strategy, innovation, brand, agility, and resiliency are often neglected because they're difficult to measure.

The Future of Growth Strategy

Companies that actively measure, manage, and improve their strategies grow almost 7-times faster than those that don't... regardless of sector. Source: McKinsey - Getting Tangible About Intangibles - the future of growth and productivity.

A Tool to Measure and

Manage Growth Strategy

Not only does the Growth Catalyst measure the financial performance

The Revenue Growth Catalyst puts hard measures on "soft" areas of the business that are often neglected because they're difficult to measure.

Financial Impact

Companies with high Growth Catalyst Scores grow 3-7 times faster than companies with low scores. The Growth Catalyst helps clients drive short- and long-term financial performance, improve agility and resiliency, and reduce risks associated with growth.

The higher a company scores on the Growth Catalyst - the faster they grow.

The clear link to value exists because the benchmark score is directly tied to the growth drivers of the business. As a company improves their score over time, their growth rate also increases.

Clear Link to Value & ROI

Companies with higher benchmark scores grow significantly faster than companies with low scores.

Predictive Growth

Scores link strategy to capabilities, capabilities to performance, and performance to growth.

On average, companies scoring in the 2nd Quartile grow 3.1X faster than 1st Quartile companies.

3rd Quartile companies grow 5.6X faster than 1st Quartile companies

4th Quartile companies outpace 1st Quartile companies by 7.2X.

The Growth Catalyst is like mission control for your client's growth strategy.

It brings all critical information together in one place to simplify growing the business.

Comprehensive & Organized

Our holistic approach drives both short- and long-term financial performance in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Quantifiable Results

Inspire data-driven decisions and gain a realistic understanding of timescales and milestones.

Predictive ROI

The Revenue Growth Catalyst gives clear measures to predict and demonstrate Return On Investment.


Works with any client growth strategy (all 18 of them), both currently and in the future.


Help your clients grow in a methodical, predictable, repeatable way while building a culture of innovation and agility.

Constant Forward Progress

Align teams around priorities, inspire data-driven decisions, and gain a realistic understanding of timescales and milestones.

How the Growth Catalyst creates competitive advantage for agencies.

Agency Growth OS and our 120 Growth Catalyst software gives companies a systematic and quantified view into the problems and growth opportunities across a business. Covering both quantitative and qualitative data, it puts hard measures on soft areas that are often neglected because they are difficult to measure.


Stand out in your marketplace or niche with a clear and direct link to quantified value and ROI.

Thought Leadership

Conducting diagnostics and benchmarks allows you to collect unique data and develop your own unique insights.

Sell More Strategy

The Growth Catalyst identifies opportunities and positions agencies to conduct more high-value strategy work.

More Wins

Creating unique, quantified value allows you to win more in competitive situations and punch above your weight against larger firms.

How the Revenue Growth Catalyst improves financial performance.

Client Acquisition

Client Retention


Equity Value

Generate more leads with unique marketing messages and offers that stand out in your market.