Growth Assurance

Sustained revenue growth with a minimum 10:1 ROI.

Make consistent progress toward your short- and long-term goals with Growth Assurance.  We work directly alongside your team to identify, prioritize, and take advantage of the most profitable growth opportunities and drive the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate Growth

Measurable impact on revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Predictable ROI

Compatible with your current and future growth strategy.

Constant Forward Progress

Accomplish your goals using a methodical and repeatable process.

Sustained growth... it's rarer than you think.

Through the constant change and disruption created by cutthroat competition, economic uncertainty, and increasingly demanding customers, expectations for growth remain the same.

An opportunity disguised as a problem.

Often business leaders see change as a short-term challenge. The well-planned, strategic company sees it as an opportunity. Approach building an agile growth strategy as a discipline, and you can create lasting competitive advantage and profitable growth.

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Only 14% of companies grow 5.5% or more for five straight years (Corporate Executive Board)

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Only 14% of companies continued to grow through any of the last four recessions (BCG)

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Only 6% of companies grew organically through the Great Recession (McKinsey)

Signs you need a sustainable growth operating system...

Outcomes from the RevGrowth Discovery:

See the quantified level of benefit of implementing a predictive growth strategy.
Identify specific growth opportunities and their ROI potential.
Discover where to invest your resources for best results.
Uncover risks hidden in your growth strategy.
Begin implementing a growth strategy that doesn't require perfect execution for success.

The rules of sustainable growth have changed.

Sustained growth requires your growth strategy, tactics, and processes to continuously evolve and adapt to your changing environment. This requires both regular benchmarking to assess performance, capabilities, opportunities, and risks.

Signs you need a sustainable growth operating system:

Growth has slowed down or stalled.

Your sales and marketing activities don't produce the results you want.

Opportunities are slipping through the cracks.

Too often you lose out in competitive sales situations.

You're not sure where your next growth opportunity will come from.

Your system for achieving sustainable growth is underperforming... or you don't have one at all.



So, what exactly is Growth Assurance?

Growth Assurance is a unique blend of continued hand-on planning, implementation, and change management support for company leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs wanting to fast-track growth. With Growth Assurance, we become part of your team to help you develop, measure, manage, and improve your growth strategy, stay focused, and make constant progress toward your goals.

A data-driven and agile growth operating system...

To remain relevant in changing environments, your growth strategy must evolve quickly. Growth Assurance turns your growth strategy into an agile, data-driven system that lets you quickly and effectively navigate change. Using the Growth Catalyst Platform, we constantly collect pertinent data, assess growth opportunities, and help you keep your growth strategy updated nimble.

Built to improve speed in planning, execution, and results.

If you're a leader of a growth-motivated organization wanting to accelerate both short- and long-term financial performance, Growth Assurance may be the perfect fit.

Methodical, repeatable system for driving sustained growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Constantly collect pertinent data, assess growth opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Hands-on execution and change management support from a growth strategist with 27 years of experience with over 350 high-growth organizations.

What can you expect from Growth Assurance?

  • Grow Faster
  • More Opportunities
  • Data-Driven
  • Reduce Risks
  • Implementation Expertise
  • 10:1 Minimum ROI
Grow Faster

Transform your growth strategy into a revenue generating machine.

Grow faster, more profitably, and with less risk in your competitive and dynamic marketplace with Growth Assurance. It combines performance and capabilities benchmarking with advanced opportunity analysis and ongoing support to ccelerate growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

A complete system for methodical, repeatable, predictable growth.

Thrive... even when competitors struggle.

Optimize growth synergy and financial compounding.

Expect More Revenue

When your growth strategy powered by robust, data-driven insights and implemented at a high level, you'll gain both a competitive advantage and quantifiable results. But don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself with a free RevGrowth Discovery session.

More Opportunities

Create a continuous supply of new growth opportunities.

With the Growth Assurance program, we use the Growth Catalyst Platform to constantly monitor, manage, and improve both the formulation and execution of your growth strategy.  This means we constantly look for new opportunities to drive both short- and long-term growth.

During the first Growth Catalyst Benchmark, we typically find:

The average company is only realizing about 40% of their growth potential.

20-30 new growth opportunities with a quantified level of benefit.

15-25 new growth opportunities on each subsequent Growth Catalyst Benchmark.

Make Better Choices

Before making recommendations on tactics, activities, or media, we conduct an advanced Opportunity Ranking Analysis rating each opportunity on strategic fit, cost, ease of implementation, and a quantified impact potential. 


Remove the guesswork of growing your business.

As a fact-based and data-driven approach to achieve sustainable growth, Growth Assurance and your RevGrowth OS consultant will keep your company focused on the right activities to prevent wasting time, money, and effort.  If needed, we are able to make quick and seamless adjustments to your growth strategy to improve results.

Gain greater clarity and control while eliminating uncertainty in your growth strategy.

Collaborate among your teams with data-driven content.

Develop the capabilities of your team as they learn sustainable growth best practices.

Measure the Critical Intangibles

The Growth Catalyst Benchmark even puts hard measures on the Critical Intangibles of Sustainable Growth: strategy, innovation, brand, agility, and resiliency. These intangibles are often neglected because they're so difficult to measure.

Reduce Risks

Build agility and resiliency into your growth strategy.

Often, organizations don't achieve their growth goals because they fail to adapt to their evolving market. Through consistent benchmarking and continuous adaptation and improvement, Growth Assurance gives you the ability to navigate change, even turning agility and resilience into a competitive advantage.

Protect the business you've built and keep it running smoothly.

Reduce complexity while gaining both clarity and control.

Minimize wasted time, money, and effort.

Works With Any Growth Strategy

Growth Assurance is a strategically agnostic, flexible program that works with any growth strategy. Drastic change is not required, minimizing disruption to your company operations.

Implementation Expertise

Build your growth strategy the right way.

Growth Assurance is not a one-size-fits-all program, and customized engagements require expert guidance and support to implement effectively. We will help you identify the tactics and activities worth investing your resources into, organize them into your overall growth plan, and execute quickly to achieve best results.

Plan and execute your growth strategy with expert-led services.

Accelerate execution to improve short- and long-term results while developing the capabilities of your critical teams.

Grow Faster and More Profitably

The expert guidance offered in Growth Assurance will save you both time and money by helping you prioritize and stay focused on the right activities to drive growth synergy and financial compounding.

10:1 Minimum ROI

Achieve a minimum 10:1 ROI... or we reduce our fees.

The Growth Assurance program works across multiple disciplines, from strategy, customer acquisition and retention, to sales and customer service.  This approach allows us to focus on the activities that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Get better results and ROI from your sales and marketing activities.

Our ROI focus aligns our incentives with yours.

We de-risk your investment by prioritizing activities most likely to succeed.

ROI Focused

Because Growth Assurance is not dependent on any specific strategy, tactic, or media, we have no incentive to sell you on one channel or tactic over another. Our agnostic approach focused on the activities that will produce the best results for you and have the highest potential for success.

Is Growth Assurance right for you?

You're Skeptical... but Serious

You like the idea of holding all of your sales and marketing activities accountable for producing a high Return On Investment.

Competitive Advantage

You want to build a resilient and adaptable company that is quick to respond to changes in the marketplace.

Predictive Growth & ROI

Use analytics, predictive modeling, and advanced opportunity analysis to effectively forecast and achieve your objectives.

Data-Driven Decisions

You are obsessed with data-driven performance and want your teams to share the same vision and priorities.

Committed to Value

Build long-term, highly profitable relationships with your clients based on delivering exceptional value and service.

Maximize Valuation

You want to maximize the valuation of your company by improving both EBITDA and through multiple expansion.

Typical Client Results

Clients using the Growth Assurance program typically see results like these:


Growth opportunity identified


Revenue growth realized


Reduction in strategic planning time

17:1 ROI

Average two-year ROI of their growth program

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