The Growth Catalyst for Agencies

Win 90% more business from 43% of the sales effort.

RevGrowth OS and The Growth Catalyst helps B2B organizations grow faster and more efficiently in competitive and disrupted markets. Can your organization turn a few 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in sales, profits, and company valuation? Explore this page to find out.

Generate More Leads

Create unique marketing messages and offers that only you can provide.

Convert More Clients

Increase your closing rate, revenue, profits, and the equity value of your firm.

Reduce Sales Time

Provide a service that creates predictable revenue and ROI for clients.

Selling marketing services is difficult…

Consider a typical selling situation for agencies and consultants…

Prospect’s point of view:

You’re selling the same thing as all of your competitors.
Prospects don’t fully understand the value you can provide them.
You’re being compared to the last agency, consultant, or feelancer they worked with… who they probably fired.

We often make it even worse…

By telling a complex story…
About an intangible service…
Requiring them to spend money upfront for benefits that can’t be quantified or guaranteed.

For your prospect, you are high risk. For you, it’s a long and painful sales cycle. Not exactly an ideal selling situation.

Want to make selling your services much easier?

Have a service that only you can offer.
A service your prospects both understand and need.
A service with a strong and clear link to value
Showing a quantifiable Return On Investment.

This creates a powerful competitive advantage and Unique Value Proposition... and almost no agencies or advisors have one.


The Growth Catalyst can change that.

The Growth Catalyst is one of the few ways expertise-based businesses can create the ever-elusive Unique Value Proposition and engineer an Ideal Selling Situation.

Package for Your Expertise

It’s a comprehensive and organized scored “package” of your expertise and service offerings that provides both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Clear Link to Value & ROI

Diagnostic and benchmark scores provide a clear and believable link to value, financial performance, and clearly demonstrates ROI.

Drive Financial Performance

Through the Revenue Growth Catalyst, you and your client create and manage an action plan to improve and monitor their performance over time.

Win 90% more business from 43% of the sales effort.

Below are the results of implementing The Growth Catalyst on five different firms.

90% Improvement in average close rate.
42% decrease in average number of sales calls.
45% reduction in average sales time.

Benchmark your client’s performance and capabilities.

Identify a steady flow of growth opportunities

The Growth Catalyst will identify 20-30 new growth opportunities every time you run it for a client. It makes a perfect annual checkup.

Link those opportunities to quantified value & ROI

The Growth Catalyst is a data-driven system that creates and achievable, believable, and easily traceable link to short- and long-term financial performance.

Execute a data-driven growth strategy

Direct measures and metrics make it easy to predict and calculate ROI for your clients. And the ROI is significant, almost always resulting in at least 10:1 revenue impact.

How the Growth Catalyst impacts your sales process.

Sales Phase



Initial Prospect Meeting

Your services seem just like the other agencies or consultants they’re talking to.
The prospect doesn’t fully understand the value you can provide them.
Visible display of your expertise and quantified value using Growth Catalyst tools.
The Result: 40% less press time, greater value for the client, and 90% higher close rates.



High-cost services are rarely closed on the first call or conversation.
Suggest a diagnostic phase with uncertain outcomes and benefits.
Propose the Growth Catalyst as a first step. You can even offer it as a loss leader.
The Result: the prospect is more likely to take the order after the first conversation.



Even if the initial project is successful, additional work may require you to start the entire sales process over again.
Thorough benchmarking presents a stronger business case for your complete range of services.
The Result: potential for larger initial assignments and future engagements.

More revenue for agencies and consultants.

Win More Business

Improve all areas of customer acquisition, from lead generation and conversion, to referrals.

Increase Fees

With a clear link to quantified value for your services, it’s easier to implement a value-based pricing model.

Keep Clients Longer

Every time you run a client through the Growth Catalyst it will identify 20-30 growth opportunities, making it an excellent service to run on annually.

Unique Experiences

Create great customer experiences based on predictive results and ROI (the highest level of customer experience according to McKinsey).

Your clients will benefit even more.

More Opportunities

Advanced opportunity analysis helps identify and prioritize activities, allocate resources, and understand the ROI of actions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make better, more informed decisions by accurately monitoring financial impact, performance, and capabilities.

Predictive ROI

Benchmark scores are tied directly to the growth drivers of the business. As companies increase their scores, their business grows.

Agility & Resiliency

The RevGrowth OS reduces the risks associated with growth and builds agility and resiliency into your client’s growth strategy.

Learn how to outmarket your competition in just one hour.

Will the Growth Catalyst work for you and your clients? Find out for yourself by qualifying for a free 60-minute RevGrowth Discovery session. We’ll walk you through the growth opportunities identified using numbers meaningful to you and answer any questions you may have.

1 – Gather Your Data

The online assessment consists of 20 diagnostic and survey questions and will take about 10 minutes to complete. This data is needed to complete the second step.

2 – RevGrowth Discovery Meeting

Under the protection of a mutual NDA, we will run your data through the Revenue Growth Catalyst and present you with a personalized Report Of Findings.

3 – Grow Your Agency

Your Report Of Findings will include actionable insights and quantified opportunities specific to your agency and growth objectives. Clients have paid $1,700 for this service in the past.

Is the Growth Catalyst right for you?

Create Unique Value

Retain Clients Longer

Build a Valuable Agency

Deliver Great Client Experiences

Gain Control of the Sales Process

Attract Quality Investors

Charge Higher Fees

Become a Trusted Advisor

Maximize Valuation

Is your agency leaving money on the table?

How can you know for certain?

Get your free Agency Growth Potential Score (Agency GPS) to find out. This quick online assessment provides key insights into the opportunities to drive short- and long-term growth in your agency. The assessment is free, takes only a few minutes, and you get your results immediately.

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