The Momentum Program for Agencies & Consultants

Deliver unique value, client experiences, and a predictive 10:1 ROI for your clients.

Win More Clients

Create unique marketing messages and offers that only you can provide.

Retain Them Longer

Increase your closing rate, revenue, profits, and the equity value of your firm.

Charge Higher Fees

Provide a service that creates predictable revenue and ROI for clients.

What is the Momentum program for agencies?

Stand apart from your competition.

The Momentum program gives agencies, consultants, and other business advisors the tools and skills they need to provide a unique new growth consulting service to their clients that delivers a 10:1 or higher Return On Investment.

for agencies and consultants is a highly-customized and engaging experience focused on you. It introduces you to a new and highly profitable way of working with clients using the Revenue Growth Catalyst white label software.

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Create Unique Value

Offer your clients a unique service that distinguishes you from other agencies, consultants, and freelancers crowding your market.

Deliver Predictive Growth

Easily demonstrate a clear and believable link to quantified value and predictable Return On Investment.

Generate Faster ROI

Never run out of opportunities to drive both short- and long-term revenue growth with attributed ROI.

Why offer the Growth Catalyst to your clients?

Because sustained growth is more rare than you may think.

Despite constant change and disruption created by cutthroat competition, economic uncertainty, and increasingly demanding customers, expectations for growth remain the same.

An opportunity disguised as a problem

Business leaders often see change as a short-term challenge. But the well-planned, strategic company sees it as an opportunity. Help your clients approach growth as a discipline, and they can create lasting competitive advantage and sustainable success.

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Only 14% of companies grow 5.5% or more for five straight years (Corporate Executive Board)

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Only 14% of companies continued to grow through any of the last four recessions (Boston Consulting Group)

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Only 6% of companies grew organically through the Great Recession (McKinsey)

Sustainable and predictable growth... made easy.

To win in today's complex business environment leaders need access to data. Unfortunately, most data is several steps removed from actually impacting financial performance, and this creates serious limitations. The Growth Catalyst gives you the data needed to impact the metrics that matter most: revenue, profits, and company valuation.

  • Easier to Diagnose Problems
  • Easier to Create Opportunities
  • Easier to Execute
  • Easier to Manage
Easier to Diagnose Problems

Diagnose problems better and faster.

Quickly diagnose growth problems before they cause too much damage with our comprehensive and repeatable benchmarking system and diagnostic tools.

Make informed growth decisions based on evidence, not gut feelings.

Gain a clear picture of what's working well and what isn't working.

Put quantitative values on intangible subjects that are difficult to measure.

Benchmark your performance against best practice and top-performing organizations to identify areas of improvement and competitive advantage.

Easier to Create Opportunities

Create an endless supply of growth opportunities.

Identify and take advantage of more growth opportunities. Use advanced oppotunity analysis to identify a steady stream of growth opportunities and predict impact, cost to execute, certainty of success, and ROI.

Identify 20-30 growth opportunities every time you complete the Growth Catalyst.

Uncover hidden opportunities and unlock untapped revenue that you didn't know existed.

Comparative benchmarking identifies opportunities to improve and create competitive advantage.

Use a methodical, scientific process to examine growth opportunities based on quantified impact potential, degree of certainty, and simplicity and cost to execute.

Easier to Execute

Generate revenue more effectively.

Projections and ROI are based on 1% incremental improvements, making predictions conservative, achievable, and believable. Clients don't have to execute perfectly to get significant results in sales, profits, and valuation.

Spend less time planning and more time progressing toward company goals.

Adjust quickly to changing market conditions to remain on-time and on-target.

Make accurate projections and set priorities based on real data and predictive ROI.

Create a growth strategy that doesn't require perfect execution to be wildly successful.

Easier to Manage

Highly organized and focused on outcomes.

Make better, data-driven decisions with our methodical and repeatalbe processes. Your teams will spend less time planning and more time making progress toward company goals.

Reduce uncertainty and the risk of making decisions based on assumptions or gut feelings.

Accurate data provides a common ground for team collaboration and understanding.

Track your progress through 37 growth drivers and over 200 KPIs.

Build a culture of accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

Build continuous learning, adaptation, and improvement into your growth strategy.

Grow your agency by delivering unique, quantifiable value...

Clients using the Growth Catalyst often see results like these:

3-7 X

Help your clients grow 3-7 times faster

10:1 ROI

Raise your rates and still deliver double-digit ROI


Average Compound Annual Growth Rate

Are you a good fit for the Growth Catalyst?

  • Who is it for?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it cover?
  • How does it help?
Who is it for?

The Growth Catalyst is for agencies and business advisors who have clients that want to achieve their growth goals in a simple, structured, and controlled way. It has worked effectively with businesses ranging from less than $5 million to over $4 billion in revenue.

Our clients experiencing the most success with the Growth Catalyst have disciplined leaders, ambitious growth goals, and want to achieve their vision using an organized, repeatable, and easy-to-manage process.

How does it work?

As a system, the Growth Catalyst is a proprietary methodology based on the RevGrowth Operating System. Developed over 25 years of specialized growth consulting with around 350 clients, we use a unique benchmarking tool to evaluate growth strategy, performance, and capabilities across 37 growth drivers. As a company systematically works to strengthen their score, their business grows predictably.

What does it cover?

Diagnostic and risk assessment with a clear picture of company strengths and weaknesses related to creating sustained growth.

Benchmark the four non-negotiables, 11 critical factors, and the 37 drivers of sustained revenue growth.

Analysis quantifying the impact of dozens of growth opportunities.

A clear strategic plan on how to achieve quick wins (results within 90 days), short-term revenue (3-12 months), and long-term growth (greater than a year).

How does it help?

The Revenue Growth Catalyst provides your clients with many immediately useful tools, outcomes, and economic benefits:

Quantify the financial benefits of specific areas of change and improvement.

Align your teams around a common set of priorities, showing you where to focus your efforts to get the best results.

Create a clear growth vision with realistic and achievable timeframes and milestones.

Build a business that is more attractive to quality investors.

Reimagine your agency's potential in just one hour.

For a limited time, the Revenue Discovery free of charge to qualified agencies and consultants. We will walk you through the growth opportunities the Revenue Growth Catalyst identified for your firm and answer any questions you may have.

Gather Your Data

The online assessment consists of 20 diagnostic and survey questions and will take about 10 minutes to complete. This data is needed to complete the second step.

Revenue Discovery Meeting

Under the protection of a mutual NDA, we will run your data through the Revenue Growth Catalyst and present you with a personalized Report Of Findings.

Grow Your Agency

Your Report Of Findings will include actionable insights and quantified opportunities specific to your agency and growth objectives. Clients have paid $1,700 for this service in the past.

Get your Agency Growth Potential Score

This quick online assessment provides key insights into the opportunities to drive short- and long-term growth in your agency. The assessment is free, takes only a few minutes, and you get your results immediately.

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