Create Maximum Growth from Minimal Effort and Change

For B2B Leaders & Investors

Grow in a methodical, predictable way and turn a few 1% improvements into 20-40% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

For Agencies & Consultants

New white-label software helps agencies create unique client value, experiences, and predictable growth… while delivering a minimum 10:1 ROI.

What is RevGrowth OS?

Everything you need for sustained growth in one place.

RevGrowth OS is a sustainable growth operating system that helps businesses create controlled, predictable growth. Paired with the Growth Catalyst Platform, you get a comprehensive, proven system to measure, manage, and consistently impact the metrics that matter most:

Increase Sales & Profit

Identify a consistent flow of new growth opportunities and quantify their short- and long-term financial impact.

Capture Market Share

Create more “wins”, grab a greater share of your market, and build an agile and durable competitive advantage.

Higher Valuation

Make your business more attractive to quality investors, build long-term enterprise value, and improve shareholder ROI.

Russ Holder and Sam Page’s work has been featured in…

Sustained, profitable growth should be easier… and this is what “easier” looks like:

  • Quantifiable
  • Predictable
  • Repeatable
  • Reduce Risks

Identify, quantify, and manage opportunities

The Growth Catalyst identifies opportunities, improvements, and changes that have the greatest impact on revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Attribute specific and quantifiable value and ROI to all of your growth activities.

Use advanced opportunity analysis tools to ensure your teams make the best decisions.

Put hard measures on mission critical intangibles such as strategy, innovation, brand, agility, and resiliency.


Improve your score – grow your business

Based on our benchmarking of 150+ companies, we found organizations scoring higher on the Growth Catalyst Benchmark grow 3-7X faster than their peers:

2nd Quartile companies grow 3.1X faster than 1st Quartile companies.

3rd Quartile companies grow 5.6X faster than 1st Quartile companies.

4th Quartile companies outpace 1st Quartile companies by 7.2X.


Grow in a methodical and controlled way

The Growth Catalyst is a repeatable process designed to help companies achieve their growth goals faster, more profitably, and with less risk. Conducting it on an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly basis helps you…

Identify 20-30 new growth opportunities every time you conduct a Growth Catalyst.

Gain greater clarity, control, and confidence about your future.

Make constant progress toward your growth goals.

Reduce Risks

Reduce or eliminate many risks associated with growth.

Protect the company you’ve built and make it more resilient to change, disruption, and competitive forces. With the Growth Catalyst, you won’t have to make radical changes to daily operations, and you won’t waste time and resources on growth activities that don’t produce results.

Flexible architecture works with any growth strategy – current and future.

Gain the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Don’t miss out on timely growth opportunities.

RevGrowth OS by the numbers…

Clients using RevGrowth OS and Growth Catalyst Platform often see results like these:


3-7 X

High-scoring companies grow 3-7X faster than low-scoring ones.


10:1 ROI

We identify a minimum 10:1 ROI with the Growth Catalyst… or it’s free.



Average reduction in time between planning and execution.

Free RevGrowth Discovery Session

Discover your growth potential in three simple steps.

The RevGrowth Discovery is unlike any demo, discovery call, or strategy session you’ve ever seen. Completely focused on you and your business, this 60-minute, no-obligation consultation delivers many beneficial outcomes:

Schedule your RevGrowth Discovery

Quick initial conversation to discuss the RevGrowth Discovery process and collect diagnostic data.

See the Growth Catalyst in Action

We’ll use the Growth Catalyst to deep dive your growth strategy with inputs meaningful to your business.

Create Sustained & Predictable Growth

Get specific actions with quantified levels of benefit that you can use immediately to accelerate profitable growth.

Outcomes from the RevGrowth Discovery:

See the quantified financial impact of implementing a predictive growth strategy.

Identify specific growth opportunities and their ROI potential.

Discover where to invest your resources for best results.

Uncover risks hidden in your growth strategy.

Begin implementing a growth strategy that doesn’t require perfect execution for success.

The Growth Catalyst for

B2B Executives & Investors

Drive sustained and predictable growth in your competitive marketplace, and achieve your short- and long-term goals in a methodical and repeatable way.

The Growth Catalyst for

Agencies & Consultants

Give your clients unique value and experiences they can’t get elsewhere, and provide them with a service that generates a minimum 10:1 ROI.

Is your business leaving money on the table?

How can you know for certain?

Our free, proprietary Growth Potential Score assessment provides key insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas to improve both short- and long-term growth. The assessment is free, remarkably thorough, and you get your results immediately.