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Why RevGrowth OS?

Because sustained growth isn't as common as you may think.


During a 10-year study of 2,000 businesses, Bain & Company found only 13% grew by 5.5% or more for 10 consecutive years.


A McKinsey analysis of nearly 4,000 companies over 15 years found only 25% of companies grow sustainably over time.

Reason 1:

Sustained growth shouldn't be so difficult.

Extreme Competition in every industry leads to lower margins, commoditization, and difficulties getting noticed.

Talent shortage - 40% of CEOs report talent and skill shortages as their most pressing issue (Vistage CEO survey).

Economic uncertainty from geopolitical tensions, economic fluctuations, and trade disputes.

Buyers are more educated, have more options, and are more demanding of unique value, experiences, and ROI.

The greatest threat to sustained growth...

These challenges are real, but external, uncontrollable factors are rarely the greatest threats to sustained growth.

Reason 2:

Growth Stalls: the beginning of the end?

A growth stall is two consecutive quarters of no growth. It may seem like a temporary setback, but only 11% of companies recover to achieve significant growth again.

Strategic Factors (70%) - such as position captivity, innovation management, failed acquisition, wrong assumptions (market, customers, competitors).

Organizational Factors (17%) - such as organizational design, capability gaps, incorrect performance metrics, talent shortfalls, board inaction.

Uncontrollable Factors (13%) - such as regulatory actions, geopolitical issues, economic recession, labor strikes.

From the book "Stall Points" - Olson & Van Bever, Corporate Executive Board, Yale University Press.

Key Takeaway: 87% of growth stalls could be prevented with better strategic planning.

Reason 3:

Early indicators of sustained growth struggles.

Growth has slowed, stalled, or declined, and you want to change that quickly.

Sales sometimes struggle even though you have good products and services.

Your marketing activities don't produce the results you want.

You lose out in competitive sales situations too often.

Your system to organizing and managing your growth activities is ineffective... or you don't have one at all.

RevGrowth OS simplifies sustained growth.

Reason 4:

Make sustained growth a process... and run it like one.

  • RevGrowth OS
  • RevGrowth Platform
  • Repeatable System
  • Predictive Results
  • Complete Freedom
RevGrowth OS

The RevGrowth Operating System

We approach sustained growth through the lens of the RevGrowth Operating System, which has four primary goals:

Create quick, quantifiable, and predictable revenue impact.

Turn short-term gains into long-term business value.

Build agility and resilience into your growth strategy.

Do all this with minimal effort, change, and disruption.

The Result: the RevGrowth OS can turn a few 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

RevGrowth Platform

RevGrowth Platform

The RevGrowth Platform is a suite of tools that help organizations measure, manage, and improve all elements of their organic growth strategies so they can create and sustain growth.

Benchmark their growth strategies and performance against the 37 drivers of sustained growth and over 200 unique KPIs.

Thoroughly analyze each growth opportunity to ensure they make informed growth decisions.

Track the performance of their efforts and make adjustments as needed.

Repeatable System

Repeatable Growth System

It’s easy to integrate the RevGrowth OS in your business with an intuitive and repeatable Diagnose – Prescribe – Grow process.

Diagnose: comprehensive diagnostics and benchmarking provide companies a detailed understanding of their ability to create and sustain growth in competitive markets.

Prescribe: armed with hard data, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify, quantify, and prioritize growth opportunities. This lets you make informed decisions based on impact potential, strategic fit, risk, and ROI.

Grow: implement your new growth strategy in a way that doesn't require perfect execution to see dramatic results.

Periodic benchmarking lets you monitor your growth strategy in real-time to drive constant progress toward your goals.

Predictive Results

Predictive Results

RevGrowth OS becomes your single source of truth, providing you with a methodical, repeatable, data-driven system to organize and focus your growth activities.

Benchmark scores link performance and capabilities to quantifiable and predictive results.

All projections are conservative, based on just 1% improvements to key areas.

High-scoring companies grow 3-6X faster than low-scoring companies while reducing costs, effort, and risk.

Through our thorough and data-driven process, we make it easy for you to measure, plan, implement, and manage your growth strategy and activities.

Complete Freedom

Complete Freedom (no co-dependencies)

The best way for you to grow today may not be the best way to grow tomorrow. That's why we designed RevGrowth OS to work with any growth strategy, both now and in the future.

Not dependent on any specific strategy, tactic, or media (which often change or become obsolete).

Success doesn't require perfect execution.

You won't have to make drastic changes to your daily operations.

Reason 5:

What gets measured, gets managed.

The RevGrowth Benchmark

The RevGrowth Benchmark is a comprehensive diagnostic that measures all of the drivers responsible for sustained organic business growth.

Benchmarks the Four Non-Negotiables, 11 Critical Factors, and 37 Drivers of Sustained Growth.

Collect and organize the data needed to make better growth decisions.

Put hard measures on mission critical intangibles.

Measure and improve the critical intangibles that are often neglected because they're difficult to measure.

These intangibles include strategy, innovation, brand, agility, resilience, and leadership.

Create an unlimited supply of growth opportunities.

Identify 20-30 new opportunities every time you run a RevGrowth Benchmark.

Assign specific levels of benefit for each change or improvement.

Regular benchmarking creates follow-through and keeps your business progressing.

Eliminate the guesswork in your growth strategy.

Clarity - inspire data-driven decisions.

Control - gain a realistic understanding of timescales and milestones.

Confidence - quantifiable data reduces complexity and uncertainty.

Improve your score - grow your business.

RevGrowth Benchmark scores link performance and capabilities to quantifiable results.

As organizations work to improve their benchmark scores over time, their business grows predictably.

Activate nine different revenue drivers in your business.

Turn a few 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Reason 6:

RevGrowth OS by the numbers...


3-6 X

High-scoring companies grow 3-7X faster than low-scoring ones.


10:1 ROI

We identify a minimum 10:1 ROI with the RevGrowth Catalyst... or it's free.



Average reduction in time between planning and execution.

Reason 7:

Achieve your goals faster, more profitably, and with less risk.

Create a durable competitive advantage based on agility and adaptability and spend less time planning and more time growing your business.


Collect critical data that improves speed in planning and execution, while reducing the time between the two.

More Profitably

Benchmark capabilities, performance, and execution to see potential from every angle.

Less Risk

Build agility and innovation into your growth strategy while improving company resilience.

Reason 8:

All of your teams win with RevGrowth OS


Empower C-suite to lead more effectively, make informed decisions, drive sustained growth, and stay ahead of the competition.


Give managers the tools and support needed to effectively lead, drive performance improvement, and contribute to growth.


Help marketers make informed, data-driven decisions, align their efforts with sales, track ROI, and adapt quickly to change.


Help sales teams work more efficiently and drive revenue through sales enablement and better performance monitoring.

Reason 9:

The RevGrowth OS Value Promise

1% Change - 20% Growth Promise

We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to a minimum 20% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value using only 1% quarterly improvements to a few key areas.

10X Identified ROI Promise

The opportunity identified through the Growth Catalyst will be at least 10X greater than the fee paid for the service, or we will refund the difference.

Promise of Quality

We guarantee that the time spent with us will be worthwhile, or we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Reason 10:

The first step is easy... and completely risk free.