Why RevGrowth OS?

The future of growth strategy is here… and it’s predictable.

RevGrowth OS and The Growth Catalyst helps B2B organizations grow faster and more efficiently in competitive and disrupted markets. Can your organization turn a few 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in sales, profits, and company valuation? Explore this page to find out.

Quantifiable Results

Measurable impact on revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

10:1 Minimum ROI

Our average client achieves revenue impact with a 17:1 ROI.

Constant Forward Progress

Accomplish your goals using a methodical and repeatable process.

To grow your business in 2023 and beyond, you must overcome some serious challenges:

Extreme Competition

There are more competitors in every industry fighting for a limited number of leads, making it increasingly difficult to stand out in a meaningful way.

Economic Uncertainty

Rising inflation and the risk of recession. Boston Consulting Group research shows only 14% of companies grew during the last four recessions.

Demanding Customers

During a slow economy, spending is more conservative and clients are more demanding.

Do any of these challenges resonate?

Growth has slowed, stalled, or declined, and you want to change that quickly.

Sales sometimes struggle even though you have good products and services.

Your marketing activities don’t produce the results you want.

You lose out in competitive sales situations too often.

Your system to organizing and managing your growth activities is ineffective… or you don’t have one at all.




Why now is the perfect time to invest in The Growth Catalyst

It’s tempting to look for easy answers. A new marketing or sales tactic may provide temporary relief, but markets continue changing and competitors quickly copy your successful activities. Sustained growth comes from developing your ability to rapidly plan and effectively execute effective growth strategy. If you are able to do this in your constantly changing environment you will gain a serious competitive advantage.

A data-driven strategy created with the Growth Catalyst is a model for best practices in sustainable growth, helping you avoid making risky decisions based on gut feeling.

Do you hope to sell your business in the future?

If so, having your revenue or profits drop below the previous year can set you back 3-5 years, or even eliminate the possibility of a sale altogether. The Growth Catalyst keeps you constantly progressing toward your goals and avoiding growth stalls and plateaus. It will help maximize your valuation by identifying priority actions that impact both the quantitative (EBITDA) and qualitative (valuation multiple) value of the business.

To sum it up, the small investment made in The Growth Catalyst will help you maintain business growth through tough times, build momentum, and emerge stronger.

15 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Growth Catalyst

It Simplifies Sustainable Growth

01 – One Growth Platform

Manage your entire organic growth strategy from one place. Spend less time planning and more time driving measurable results.

02 – Methodical & Repeatable Process

Achieve your goals using a methodical and repeatable process. Build continuous learning, adaptation, and improvement into your growth strategy.

03 – Maximum Growth – Minimum Change

Turn a few 1% improvements into 20-40% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value. The Growth Catalyst doesn’t require perfect execution for massive success.

04 – Flexible

The RevGrowth OS and Growth Catalyst are not dependent on any strategy, tactic, or media, and works with any current and future growth strategy.

05 – Constant Forward Progress

Align your teams around common priorities and drive constant progress toward your growth goals.

Predictive Results

06 – 10:1 Minimum ROI… Guaranteed

Use analytics, predictive modeling, and advanced opportunity analysis to forecast and achieve growth objectives. Identify a minimum 10:1 ROI through the Growth Catalyst… or we reduce our fees until you do.

07 – Create More Growth Opportunities

Take the stress out of finding growth opportunities. Identify and quantify 20-30 new opportunities every quarter and know exactly which ones drive greater ROI.

08 – Create Competitive Advantage

Effectively analyze your current and future growth activities to know exactly which ones drive the greater ROI.

09 – Maximize Valuation

Become more attractive to quality investors by improving both the quantity (EBITDA) and quality (multiple expansion) of your business.

10 – Diagnose Problems Better & Faster

Collect mission critical data that improves your speed in planning, execution, and creating results.

Data-Driven Decisions

11 – What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Comprehensive benchmarking measures your growth performance and capabilities so you can see your potential from every angle.

12 – Develop Your Growth Leaders

You won’t just build knowledge, you will build the skills of your teams and empower them to self-coach.

13 – Protect Your Business From Threats

Build agility and innovation into your growth strategy while improving resiliency to change and disruption.

14 – Create a Culture of Growth & Innovation

Build momentum as you develop a culture of accountability, evidence-based decision making, continuous improvement, and sustained growth.

15 – Greater Clarity, Control & Confidence

Remove the guesswork about growing your business. Have less conflict and debate and more action and execution.

Improve your benchmark score – grow your business.

Below is an example from one of our clients who has effectively increased their Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score over time. The result: an improvement in growth rate from 3.3% to 26.5% over three years.

Original Benchmark Score

Benchmark Score: 362

Growth Rate: 3.3%

One Year Later

Benchmark Score: 490

Growth Rate: 17.2%

After Two Years

Benchmark Score: 612

Growth Rate: 26.5%

Is your business leaving money on the table?

How can you know for certain?

Our free, proprietary Growth Potential Score assessment provides key insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas to improve both short- and long-term growth. The assessment is free, remarkably thorough, and you get your results immediately.

The Growth Catalyst in Action

These are some of the results our clients achieve with the Revenue Growth Catalyst

Impact: Manufacturer

$8M – $24M

Improvement in revenue over three years (44.2% CAGR).

44.2% CAGR

By improving their Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score from 342-552.


Additional revenue opportunity identified.

Impact: Value-Added Reseller

$52M – $78M

Improvement in revenue over two years.

22.5% CAGR

By improving their Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score from 403-526.


Additional revenue opportunity identified.

Impact: Manufacturer

$360M – $488M

Improvement in revenue over two years (22.5% CAGR).

16.4% CAGR

By improving their Growth Catalyst Benchmark Score from 418-543.


Additional revenue opportunity identified.

Take Control of Growth

The Cost of Not Acting

Descend into trial and error.
Same problems, more stress.
What will you lose in sales, profits, and lost market share over the next year or two… or three?
What will it cost you if you ever want to sell your business?

After the Growth Catalyst

Clarity – you and your teams know exactly what to do.
Control – fewer problems, less stress.
Certainty – knowing you’re constantly progressing toward your growth goals.
Confidence – knowing you’re building a business that attracts quality investors.

Typical Client Results

Our average client identifies opportunities like this through The Growth Catalyst:


Annual CAGR improvement identified

17:1 ROI

Average ROI based on revenue impact


Unique growth opportunities identified


Average reduction in planning time

Is the Growth Catalyst a good fit for you and your business? It’s easy to find out.

There’s a lot at stake and zero risk to find out exactly how the RevGrowth Operating System and Growth Catalyst platform will impact your business.

The RevGrowth OS Value Promise

We promise to create and deliver unique, quantifiable value that you can’t get anywhere else.

1% Change – 20% Growth Promise

We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to a minimum 20% annual growth in revenue, profits, and enterprise value using only 1% quarterly improvements to a few key areas.

10X Identified ROI Promise

The opportunity identified through the Growth Catalyst will be at least 10X greater than the fee paid for the service, or we will refund the difference.

Promise of Quality

We guarantee that the time spent with us will be worthwhile, or we will work with you until you are satisfied.

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