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The RevGrowth Platform

What is the RevGrowth Platform?

The RevGrowth Platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based suite of tools that make it easier for companies to measure, manage, and improve the performance of their growth strategies. It is designed to help businesses create and sustain profitable growth, even in competitive markets.

The Big Idea

Sustained growth doesn't happen by accident...

It's a discipline that requires a deliberate, repeatable process.

Every seasoned leader envisions a business that's agile, resilient, and guided by the compass of data-driven decisions. Yet, these aspirations crumble when strategies splinter, and teams become isolated in silos, stalling progress and robbing the company of much-needed momentum. Teams must be equipped with real-time, pertinent insights to pilot the company's growth with precision and purpose.

The RevGrowth Platform can help.

The platform, based on the RevGrowth Operating System, makes sustained growth a science. It provides a structured, repeatable process for achieving both immediate and long-term growth objectives. Organizations receive the framework and tools needed to assess, calibrate, and synchronize their activities in a detailed and measurable manner.

Sustainable growth has never been so simple.

The RevGrowth Platform combines the RevGrowth Operating System with performance and capabilities benchmarking and cloud-based software to help clients win more business, increase customer retention, and reduce risks in their business.  

The RevGrowth Platform isn't just a tool; it's a transformational force for your business's future.

Empower Financial Performance

Optimize customer acquisition and retention and align activities and drivers of financial performance across short—and long-term horizons.

Data-Driven Decision

Gather the essential data to make informed growth decisions and set realistic expectations, all while avoiding information overload.

A System for Growth

Implement a comprehensive, repeatable system that develops team capabilities and stimulates ongoing innovation and improvement within your organization.

RevGrowth OS + RevGrowth Platform

A smarter, simpler way to grow.

Build, execute and manage your sustained growth strategy from one place... and in only three steps:

  • 1.  Diagnose
  • 2.  Prescribe
  • 3.  Grow
1.  Diagnose

Benchmark your growth strategy, performance, and capabilities.

Gain a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses related to creating and sustaining profitable growth.

Identify areas for improvement and uncover opportunities and risks hidden in your growth strategy.

Put hard measures on often neglected intangibles such as strategy, innovation, brand, agility, resilience, and leadership.

Compare your performance to best practice.

2.  Prescribe

Identify and quantify your best growth opportunities.

Identify 20-30 new growth opportunities each time you run the RevGrowth Benchmark.

Use advanced opportunity analysis to turn data into actionable insights.

Choose the growth activities that drive the highest ROI and make the most sense for your business.

Build an action plan that achieves both quick wins and long-term growth.

3.  Grow

Grow your business in a methodical and predictable way.

The RevGrowth Platform turns growth strategy and execution into a repeatable process.

Build agility and resilience into your growth strategy.

Create a growth culture embracing continuous innovation and improvement.

Drive constant progress toward your growth goals.

Works with any growth strategy... now and in the future.


Market expansion, market penetration, vertical or niche focus, and bowling pin strategy.


Product diversification, product expansion, market disruption, cost leadership, reduce customer attrition or churn, sales and marketing optimization, and continuous improvement.

Value Proposition-Based

Low price leadership, premium offerings, differentiation, and de-positioning strategies.

Other Growth Strategies

New channels, customer experience, buying market share, strategic alliances, and joint ventures.

The RevGrowth Platform by the numbers...

Save Time


Average reduction in time between planning and execution.

Save Money


Average marketing budget saved through effective opportunity analysis.

Make Money

10:1 ROI

Minimum ROI identified by an action plan created with RevGrowth Platform.

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